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Policy Persuasion; Correspondence, Coherence Correlations

Elise Axelrad Weaver
Albany, NY

In the past year, I completed my Ph.D. at Duke University, working at the interface of Social Cognition and Judgment and Decision Making. My committee consisted of Philip Costanzo and Allan Lind on the Social Cognition side and John Payne and Jim Bettman on the JDM side.

In my Ph.D., I developed a measure of relative judgment policy change under persuasion in order to test competing claims from reactance theory and impression management theory as to why people resist advice.

The measure was a Euclidean distance measure indicating the component of change from prior to updated policy in the direction of policy advice.

This year, I am a post-doctoral research associate at the Center for Policy Research at the University at Albany, SUNY, working with Tom Stewart.

We will be testing whether correspondent accuracy in a multiple cue judgment task correlates with IQ (i.e., the WAIS score) and/or/nor with successful coherence at the kinds of probability tasks highlighted in the heuristics and biases literature.

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