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Individual Quality of Life (IQoL)

Dick Joyce
Allschwil, Switzerland

My colleagues at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Hannah McGee and Ciaran O'Boyle, and I have reason to believe that the edited book with this title will appear in time for the Fall round of relevant meetings. Its contents describe methods and observations with several new instruments designed to get inside the individual black box that is primarily relevant to descriptions of IQoL. The Schedule for the Evaluation of IQoL (SEIQoL), one of the first of these, is an application of SJT. It is on the short list of instruments recommended by WHO and is believed to be in use or to have been used in something like 200 studies, some of them in parts of the world where QoL might be considered poor if not totally absent (like body temperature, everyone has a QoL). I have also been applying SJT to the study of non-specific factors in therapeutic interventions. Summarizing preliminary findings in a paper delivered at the monastery of Einsiedeln, entitled "Is God a Placebo?", the slide projector - perhaps not surprisingly - declined to cooperate.

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