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Current activities of a more or less Brunswikian nature

Alexander J. Wearing
Melbourne, Australia

1. With Mary Omodei and Jim McLennan we have been continuing the development of, and experiments with Networked Firechief , This program allows multiple persons, each with their own computer, to collaborate in fighting a simulated fire (or carry out an analogous task such as dealing with an oil spill or a locust plague). We are interested in the consequences of constraints on command and control, and the role of information, time pressure, command authority, and person characteristics in performance.

2. Related research has involved field work with firefighters who are wearing helmets into which have been built small video cameras and microphones for recording the own-point-of-view experience of the firefighters, and using the resulting information in naturalistic decision making studies.

3, With Leon Mann, we have been investigating the extent to which decision making style, measured as a trait, relates to organizational variables such as organizational climate and leadership, as well as other person characteristics.

4. With Josh Klayman , we have a continuing (in a leisurely way) project. We have run studies now on how people learn the causal relations in interconnected causal systems.

5. Oswald Huber and I are bringing to a close a project that involved developing and testing models that attempt to simulate the behavior of subjects on a multi-stage investment task.

6. A minor line of research has been on economic judgments; in particular, what variables or cues influence the evaluation of different taxation packages.

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