The Brunswik Society

Photo of Brunswik in Turkey
This photograph shows Egon Brunswik with 1931-32 semester graduates of the Gazi Institute of Education, Ankara, Turkey. The first person to the right of Brunswik, that is, to his left, is Fuat Baymur, Brunswik's translator and teacher at the Institute, the next person to the right is Huseyin Husnu Ciritli, a student of Brunswik.

The original picture is in the possession of Huseyin Husnu Ciritli, retired educator, former President of The Council of Training and Education. He has kindly given permission to post the picture here. We also wish to thank Mr. Bahri Ata and Mr. Cavit Binbasioglu, both from the Gazi Institute, and Elke Kurz-Milcke, Georgia Institute of Technology, for their help in obtaining the photograph.

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