The Brunswik Society

The Brunswik Family

(We are very grateful to Mr. Harald Brunswik of Hörbranz, Austria, whose father--Eugen Brunswik--was Egon Brunswik's cousin, for the information and photographs below.)

The family Brunswik was a well known family. The male Brunswiks served the Austrian and Hungerian Crown. They were civil servants, civil engineers or higher officers. Some of them were "Feldmarschallleutnant." That is the equivalent of a four star general.

In Austria and in the other European countries the title of an engineer is protected by law. Graduate study and a degree similar to a doctor's degree is required. That is the reason there are so many engineers in the Brunswik family. Two of Mr. Harald Brunswik's sons and Mr. Brunswik himself continued the tradition. Egon's father was also an engineer.

Egon's father was Julius Stefan Josef Brunswik, born on 10th December 1863 in Fogaras. He was "königlicher" engineer in the Hungerian Ministry of Commerce (Handelsministerium). His wife and Egon's mother was Helene Gabriele Stefanie Klara daughter of the k.u.k.(kaiserlich und königlicher) Generalmajor Kommandant of the 30. Infanteriebrigade zu Miskolcz. They maried on 4th June 1902 in Vienna.

Georg Romeo Ludwig Gustav, born on 13th February 1888, was a cousin of Egon. He was a Hungarian General, and had contact with Egon and his wife Else Fenkel-Brunswik after the war.

The Brunswik brothers, from left to right:
Romeo was Harald's grandfather and had five children--
   Ludwig, Adolf, Auguste, Eugen (Harald's father) and Franz.
Julius Stefan was Egon's father.
Ludwig Franz was Georg's father.
Adolf had a son Hermann.

Julius, Egon, and Adolf Brunswik

Detail of Egon Brunswik and his father from above picture

Egon's father as a young man

Egon's parents Julius and Helene Brunswik von Korompa